3 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Over Steel for your next vehicle upfit solution

When picking a material for your vehicle’s storage units, there are typically two choices: aluminum or steel. For EZ STAK, though, it’s usually a no-brainer — aluminum wins, hands down. “This isn’t to say steel doesn’t have its perks (in fact, we sometimes use it),” says Paul Lawrenson, EZ STAK’s National Fleet Manager, “but we prefer aluminum over steel for three reasons: it doesn’t corrode, it’s lightweight and it’s durable.”

Reason 1: Aluminum Doesn’t Corrode

Aluminum’s biggest plus is that it doesn’t chip or rust, even after long, continual use or exposure to the elements. “And you don’t even need to treat or paint it to avoid that corrosion,” says Lawrenson. The reason: its surface is protected by a natural layer of aluminum oxide, which prevents the metal below from coming into contact with air and oxygen. With steel, however, you do need to paint it — especially if it’s being used in a moist, damp or abrasive environment — because it doesn’t have that protective layer.

Reason 2: Aluminum is Lighter than Steel

Another big advantage of using aluminum is that it’s up to 40 per cent lighter than steel. This is why aircraft are usually made from aluminum. It’s also why EZ STAK uses it: with lightweight aluminum drawers, cabinets, shelves and other storage products, your fuel costs are lower and your payload is lighter. “A lighter payload is especially important these days, because there’s a push for companies to go to smaller vehicles to fit in crowded urban centres,” says Lawrenson. “Plus, with lighter vehicles, special licenses aren’t needed for a company’s drivers.”

Reason 3: Aluminum is Durable

Just because aluminum is lighter than steel doesn’t mean it can’t take daily abuse. In fact, aluminum is more dent resistant and more resilient. When both are pushed to the same dimensional extremes, steel cracks before aluminum. “So when you combine aluminum’s durability and rust-resistant properties, it looks better than steel and lasts longer,” says Lawrenson. No wonder, then, our customers find EZ STAK’s aluminum storage units last, on average, 12-plus years.

Moral of the story: If you want a storage solution that last longer, reduces your costs and looks good, you better go with aluminum. Find one that works for you by checking out EZ STAK’s aluminum storage units.