Help for Hurricane Harvey victims

Join us in supporting the recovery efforts.

Aid agencies are working around the clock on the Gulf Coast right now, and they need our help more than ever. In Houston alone, over 180,000 homes have been badly damaged, and almost 5,000 people are still in emergency shelters. EZ STAK is supporting, through monetary donations, Rapid Relief Team USA so that essential supplies could be delivered to the victims of Hurricane Harvey who need them most. We encourage you to do the same.

The Rapid Relief Team is an international organization that works with teams of volunteers to deliver aid during natural disasters and other life crises. In hardest hit areas, they’ve been distributing thousands of refreshment pails filled with much-need supplies like water, snacks and soap.

To support their efforts, visit

3 More Ways You Can Help:

  1. Support the United Way of Greater Houston’s Relief Fund by visiting or by texting UWFLOOD to 41444.
  2. Give to the Houston Food Bank, where every $1 provides 3 meals.
  3. Donate to the American Red Cross so that its teams can continue working day and night.
    Please include their logos or images if you can just to give some visual relief to the page.