EZ STAK 2018 Highlights

As we begin 2019 in full swing, we wanted to reflect on some of the memorable moments that happened over the past year. From new product development and major events that helped us grow as a company, 2018 was a year to remember!


1. Opening Our Second EZ STAK Facility in the United States

One of our most exciting news in 2018 was opening our new facility in Watertown, NY!  The 14,660-square-foot space includes manufacturing operations, product assembly, powder coating, and upfitting turnkey trailers. Opening this second location will let us serve our customers better, improve our logistics, and enhance the growth of our company.

2. Preconfigured Van Body Interior Packages

EZ STAK released a series of preconfigured van body packages, using designs most frequently requested by our customers. These packages available through upfitter’s and OEM’s across the United States, making it easier for the end user to select an interior workspace and have it completely upfitted and ready to go at the point of sale. All layouts have been designed with the cost in mind, ensuring that one of these packages will fit within your budget. Have a look at our van body packages here: EZ STAK Van Body Interior Packages

3. 3D Update to Build Your Own Application

EZ STAK launched a new 3D version of the Build Your Own online application. With this app, customers can now design an ideal interior for their van or trailer using the simple drag and drop tool. They can design both passenger and driver side using all EZ STAK standard cabinets and save it as a pdf or submit for a quote. This online utility makes it easy for customers to find an ideal layout, instead of choosing from our standard packages. We have made it easy enough for anyone to use. Try it out yourself: Build your Own Interior

4. Launching Our Underbody Drawer for Exterior Storage

EZ STAK developed a line of exterior storage solutions to maximize equipment storage space for any vehicle. The underbody drawer saves interior space by bolting this drawer to the under frame of the vehicle.  It has a weathertight seal which protects your equipment from weather, locking T-handle for security, and has a 500lb weight capacity. Have look at our video: EZ STAK Underbody Drawer


We are grateful for all those who have helped us accomplish these major milestones and contributed to EZ STAK’s growth over the past year. We’re excited to share all the exciting product launches in 2019, so stayed tuned!


EZ STAK has been in business since 1998 delivering configurable fleet solutions for any vehicle.

EZ STAK provides aluminum interiors and turnkey solutions for any vehicle in the utility, construction, oil & gas, and communication industries.  Whether you are looking for a full electrical installation, interior cabinets, or a custom service body drawer, our design team will work with you to make sure your needs are being addressed down to every inch and dollar.

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