7 Things to Consider When Upfitting Your Emergency Trailer

In 2017, there were over 3,500 reported utility outages in the USA leaving hundreds of hospitals, emergency services, businesses and homes without power. At EZ STAK we have some understanding of the pressure this puts on the utility companies of America. To help facilitate our key utility partners, we have created optimal workspaces for trucks and trailers to be response ready when an outage happens. In order to deliver a functional and useful first response trailer we have put together some thought-leading questions.

1. How many crew members will be working out of the trailer?

When designing your emergency trailer interior, it is important to consider how many people will be working out of the trailer. This will determine the size of trailer you will need and the number of lockers for storing personal gear and safety equipment and how many workstations to include in the office area.

2. Will you need any communication support?

Restoring power after a storm requires a large amount of gathering information, conducting assessments and planning a solution. We will equip your trailer with TV screens, IT portals and computer monitors to meet your communication standards.

3. How much space will you need for tool and supply storage?

A variety of equipment, parts and tools are needed when repairing damages caused by the storm. At EZ STAK, we will configure your layout to exactly how you need it. We offer a variety of interior shelving, closets, lockers, drawers, and workstations to keep equipment organized, safe, and easily accessible. We also provide exterior storage solutions so the crew can easily access tools from outside of the trailer.

4. What power requirements will you need?

Does your crew use equipment that requires electricity? Choose from shore power, battery or a generator for all your power needs when out on the road.

5. Do you need HVAC?

If you live in a climate with extremely cold or hot weather, you will most likely need HVAC in your trailer. EZ STAK offers heating, air conditioning and insulation to keep your trailer at a comfortable temperature while you are working off site.

6. Do you require any lighting?

After major storms power restoration crews often work through the night to get the job done. Choose scene lighting if you will be mainly working outside the trailer, or interior lighting if you will be working inside the trailer.

7. Do you need any storage on the trailer exterior?

We offer several exterior storage cabinets to save space inside and for easy access to your equipment when you are working outside your trailer. We even have an exterior generator cabinet to minimize noise inside the trailer.


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