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EZ STAK’s redesigned Truck Box hits the road

Lightweight and affordable, the heavy-duty storage cabinet fits in pickup trucks, cargo vans, and SUVs

Watertown, New York — August 4, 2021 — EZ STAK today introduced a new Truck Box featuring lightweight aluminum construction, a slam lock, and four sizes designed to optimize storage in your pickup truck. Revamped from a 2018 model, this latest version is more durable than any similar product in the market and just as cost-competitive.

Each of the water-resistant Truck Boxes is 13 inches high and 48 inches deep, but comes in four widths: 20 inches, 30 inches, 40 inches, and 48 inches. The 40- and 48-inch-wide options have dual drawers; the two others come with a single drawer.

Finished with powder-coated black faces, the drawers can handle 225 pounds apiece, while the top of the cabinet, overlaid with friction tape, can take 750 pounds. The drawers are also installed with slam locks that only require users to push the drawer closed to engage the lock.

“We’re really impressed with what our engineers have been able to do with this redesign,” says Calvin Lawrenson, EZ STAK’s business development coordinator. “Not only is the Truck Box more durable than anything out there, but it’s more affordable than our previous version and it can be installed in three different types of vehicles. Plus, it has the dual drawer option instead of just the single, which we know is a bonus for some.”  

Those drawers also come with conveyor rollers with sealed bearings instead of the standard exposed rollers that other companies use. This means that dust and dirt won’t clog the sliding mechanism and prevent a smooth, quiet glide.

“Installation is easy, too, and our method avoids overt damage to interiors,” says Keith Omamalin, an EZ STAK automotive engineer who helped design the Truck Box. “Typical installations use self-tapping screws that can cause unfortunate holes in truck beds. But we use plus nuts that get around this.” 

Optional drawer add-ons include rubber matting to minimize sliding and dividers to help organize tools and parts.

And, as with most of EZ STAK’s offerings, the Truck Box comes with a lifetime warranty. So, if it ever becomes defective due to materials, workmanship, or manufacturing, EZ STAK will repair it, replace it, or provide replacement parts.  


Founded in 1998, EZ STAK is an industry-leading manufacturer of modular interior storage solutions for work trucks, service bodies, vans, and trailers. The company specializes in working one-on-one with clients to design and deliver configurable mobile workspaces that meet each of their needs down to every inch and dollar. 

For more information or a quote, call Calvin Lawrenson at 315-595-3300, ext. 214, or email him at calvin.lawrenson@ezstak.com.