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When the power goes out, utility crews have to get onsite fast and get to work faster. That’s why many of them use trailers as mobile worksite offices and tool rooms. One large electric utility company in the northwest frequently uses trailers in the field, and they recently needed a new one. So, they turned to EZ STAK for a fully optimized and efficient enclosed trailer workspace.

The challenge: How to maximize efficiency

There are usually two options for sourcing a new mobile workstation. One, you buy an empty trailer and take it to multiple upfitters to install different components. Or two, you go with one upfitter who will supply the trailer and everything that goes inside, from storage to HVAC. This utility company went with option two and EZ STAK because they wanted to make sure all of the trailer elements seamlessly worked together to maximize crew efficiency. The only problem: they weren’t quite sure what that efficient layout should look like.      

The solution: Consult, design, deliver

EZ STAK has decades of experience customizing mobile workstations for a variety of clients, including utility companies. So, we took the time to work with the client to understand what this trailer would be used for, who would be using it, and what it would be carrying. We also thought about ergonomics, weight and power capacities, tool requirements, the type of vehicle that would be towing it, and the climate it would be working in. From there, the EZ engineers put together a 3D conceptual design and after a few more consultations and tweaks, construction began.    

The result: 22 feet of modern office 

The final result was a 22-foot-long, 8.5-foot-wide, and 7.5-foot-high fully optimized mobile workspace. It has ample storage, including aluminum drawers, overhead cabinets, lockers, and adjustable shelving

units — all powder-coated white to brighten the workspace and prevent rusting. There is also a propane-fired heater, air conditioner, generator, shore power hookup, and, of course, all of the electrical needed. Other details like a whiteboard, corkboards, LED lights, maple desks, a bar fridge, and a microwave really make the interior feel like a modern workspace. Yet it doesn’t feel cramped. The cabinet layout maximizes the storage footprint while opening up a spacious middle aisle, allowing multiple people to be working inside at the same time.   

Looking for an efficient and modern mobile workspace for your crew? Find out more about EZ STAK’s enclosed trailers at ezstak.com/enclosed-trailers or by calling us at 315.595.3300.