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Warranty Guidelines

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If you are experiencing an issue with an EZ STAK product, call us at 315-595-3300 or contact your local dealer.

Standard EZ STAK LLC Warranty

EZ STAK LLC guarantees quality in every product we produce. EZ STAK LLC pledges to the original purchaser that their product will be free from defects resulting from substandard materials or craftsmanship for up to two years from the original purchase date. Warranty will not be recognized without proof of purchase or bill of sale. This warranty is not transferable. In the event that a defect has occurred, EZ STAK LLC will, by its own prerogative, either repair without charge only the items manufactured by EZ STAK LLC listed on the original invoice provided by the purchaser, or replace the item with a product of equal value or model, based on current model availability. The product must be returned to an authorized service center or to EZ STAK LLC at the purchaser’s expense.


In the event of accidental damage, abuse or misuse, unauthorized alterations, improper installation, or lack of proper care and maintenance for the product, EZ STAK LLC will not extend its warranty coverage to the affected product. Minor abrasion to the vehicle in which an EZ STAK product has been installed are considered acceptable wear and tear and are not covered by this warranty. All repairs shall be performed by EZ STAK LLC or any of its authorized dealers only upon permission being received from EZ STAK LLC. EZ STAK LLC does not authorize any person to create on its behalf, any obligation with respect to the EZ STAK products except as provided in this warranty.

Third Party Warranties

Some components in your EZ STAK product may carry a separate warranty from EZ STAK LLC such as slides or locking mechanisms. The warranty period on these components can vary. For more information contact EZ STAK LLC at 315-595-3300.

Shipping Damage

In the event that a unit has sustained shipping damage during the initial delivery to the purchaser, contact EZ STAK LLC immediately with photos, and do not sign for the shipment.