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EZ STAK’s van interiors are designed to maximize space for equipment, improve the productivity and safety of workers. Let us know what interior layout you have in mind to optimize your van workspace, and if we don’t already have a design for it, we will create one. Choose from our top-quality product line of interior aluminum cabinets, shelving, and exterior storage solutions to design a workspace to ensure safety, efficiency, and productivity when at a job site. We work with distributors across North America, who can install the van interiors and ensure your van is work-ready.

Cargo Vans

Standard interior shelving and cabinets, as well, rear and side door storage solutions, making it easy to access equipment and tools without climbing in the van.

Box Vans

EZ STAK has four pre-configured van body packages, based on the most popular layouts among our clients in the utility and construction industry.

Step Vans

For all walk-in vans, we work with our distributors to provide configurable interior and exterior storage solutions for all step van sizes.


We have a library full of standard van interiors with lockers, closets, drawers, workbenches, and shelving units to configure any interior layout. We have also carefully designed interior van packages based on the most popular layouts among our clients in the utility and construction industry.

Choose your van
Let us know all the specifications of your commercial van and type of equipment you will be storing.
Configure your layout
Select one of our pre-configured packages or let us know what type of cabinetry you are looking for and our team will design a layout with our high-quality product line.
Visual Rendering
Our creative design engineers use SOLIDWORKS to create a visual concept of what your mobile workspace will look like so you know exactly what your work-ready trailer will look like
Quality Manufacturing
EZ STAK embraces lean manufacturing and Six Sigma quality standards, resulting in top quality builds that will last over 12 years.
Lifetime Warranty
EZ STAK guarantees quality in every product we produce, free from defects resulting from substandard materials or craftsmanship.


EZ STAK’s aluminum van interiors come with maximized cabinet height within each van, full-backs to increase strength, positive latching on all doors, continuous stainless piano hinge, and smooth and secure operation. All cabinets come assembled for easy and quick installation.

Shelving Unit

Drawer Unit

Closet Unit

Locker Unit

Overhead Chest Unit

Bin Unit

NEW Universal Tool Storage

Install the Universal Tool Storage by the side door or rear door of your cargo van for easy access to tools and equipment. Store your tools secure and safely by:

  • – Full-depth drawer with 500-lb slides with cylinder key lock.
  • – Top chest with gas spring assist, comes with a lockable trigger latch.
  • – Top tray with all-around cargo rails for duffle bags, sports kit, gloves etc.
  • – Full-width wall pocket for documents and other quick-grab items (removable).
  • – Separate paper holder (optional and removable).
  • – Designed to be installed on the floor with ease inside cargo vans.

Available in four variants

The Universal Tool Storage is available in four sizes:

  • – UTS-22-16-34-100-LH (22"H x 16"W x34"D)
  • – UTS-22-16-34-100-RH (22"H x 16"W x34"D)
  • – UTS-22-16-50-100-LH (22"H x 16"W x34"D)
  • – UTS-22-16-50-100-RH (22"H x 16"W x34"D)

LH or RH indicates if the side pocket is on the left or right side of the unit.


We manufacture mobile workspaces that fit your specific needs. Choose from our product lines for your desired van interior. Fill out the form and one of our EZ STAK sales representatives will be in touch to go over your van specifications, provide a quote, and lead time.


EZ STAK shelving with dividers
EZ STAK Adjustable Shelving
EZ STAK Workbench and Drawers
EZ STAK Workbench and Drawers
EZ STAK Workbench and Drawers