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Autonomous aircraft systems – commonly referred to as drones – have proven to be one of the greatest advances in military technology of the last two decades.

The latest drone technology has the capacity to perform a wide range of tactical operations including surveillance, target acquisition, munitions deployment, communications and even electronic warfare – all without the need for a human pilot on board.  Drones have the power to reduce risk and cost, with the added benefits of rapid, flexible deployment.

But autonomous aircraft can’t work in isolation – they’re supported by operational teams on the ground, often in remote locations, with advanced technical and support requirements.  These teams need safe, fit-for-purpose bases to work from – and that’s where the all-new UAS Mobile Command Station from EZ STAK Defense comes in.

Caucasian woman from the military team, driving the drone while using drone remote control

Why do drone personnel need a command station?

Depending on the operation, drones are often used to access difficult terrain and even go behind enemy lines.  But they need to be operated and monitored from a safe location – and that can be anywhere.  Military personnel operating and monitoring drones need a safe, fit-for-purpose base to house all the equipment and supplies they need for spending days or even weeks at a time on missions in remote locations.  Our new UAS Mobile Command Station allows them to carry everything they need in a single vehicle.

Our advanced, 24’ enclosed military trailer features next-level capabilities developed specifically to meet the needs of drone-based field operations and is designed for fully mobile, rugged performance in even the harshest locations.  Equipped for onsite data processing, it’s packed with practical and technical features designed to facilitate efficient, safe working.

What are the key features of the UAS Mobile Command Station?

Our UAS Mobile Command Station is primarily designed to facilitate the efficient storage, launch and co-ordination of drone technology in virtually any location or conditions.

Exterior features

The trailer body itself features a robust steel frame with aluminum body panels for maximum strength and durability, with minimal weight.  It’s also built to carry a side-by-side ATV for ground support during drone operations.   

The trailer is equipped with its own HD 10K generator and fuel tank for off-grid AC power (variable 110v or 12v), with an onboard HVAC system.

There’s an external smart screen with its own rigid pneumatic awning, and the unit also has two 30”x20” horizontal sliding tinted windows, rear ramp doors, a slide-out step on the passenger side door and two powered side awnings for environmental shielding.

Interior features

Internally, the unit is finished with marine grade timber to the floor for optimal durability and equipped with efficient LED lighting for a bright, safe working environment.  

The walls are clad with easy-care PVC and the interior is fully equipped with our industry-acclaimed, purpose-built cabinetry.  This includes large and small storage solutions designed to contain everything military teams need for tactical operations and support tasks as well as camping on location – from clothing and tents to power cords, tools and weapons.

Workspaces are complete with folding desks to create versatile spaces according to the immediate needs of any operation – these include both standing and sitting desks with whiteboards and two further smart screens.  

Our UAS command stations are fitted with ample power outlets ensuring there is plenty of capacity to plug in computer equipment, charge devices and more. 

Key features at a glance:

  • Steel & aluminum construction
  • Reinforced to carry an ATV
  • Rear ramp doors
  • Tinted windows
  • HD 10K generator & onboard fuel tank
  • AC power – 110/12v
  • HVAC system
  • Power awnings to each side
  • 3 smart screens – one external with awning
  • LED lighting
  • Ample storage for drones, equipment, and field kit
  • Standing & seated workstations with whiteboards
  • Multiple power outlets

Informed by military experience

We believe the EZ STAK Defense UAS Mobile Command Station represents the next generation of tactical command units for the operation of drone equipment out in the field.  We’ve listened to feedback from military personnel and used that to inform the development of a station that is practical, safe and comfortable while also being equipped for the demands of live operations, often in inhospitable surroundings.

Our vehicles are designed and built in the USA.  We combine lean processes with a robust supply chain to ensure we can provide operational excellence and timely service to the US Military and a range of other high-stakes sectors.

To find out more about the specifications of our Mobile Command Units, speak to an EZ STAK Defense expert today – call us at 315.595.3300.