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About Our Company

Over 21 years experience and knowledge, our manufacturing process ensures predictable, accurate, and superior quality builds. We are dedicated to providing the best vehicle storage solutions to our valued customers.


What Sets Us Apart

✔️ We specialize in working one-on-one, until we find a configurable storage solution that suits how your team works in the field

✔️ We manufacture high-grade aluminum drawers and cabinets that weigh 40% less than steel, so they can significantly reduce your fuel costs

✔️ Our ambitions are global, but our storage solutions are made local. Based in Watertown, NY our products are proudly made in the USA

Our Mission

We are a global manufacturer of high-quality mobile workspace systems, providing our Customers the joy of a well organized, safe and secure work environment.

Our Vision

To be a global manufacturer in providing safe, secure and well-organized vehicle storage solutions.

Company Values

Our team is committed to exceptional customer service and delivery of superior quality builds with every project.
We always do what's right
We believe people and property matter
We persevere with enthusiasm
We pull together to win
We never stop learning and improving


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Our Team

Mike Lawrenson EZ STAK CEO

Mike Lawrenson

CEO & Founder

Paul LawrensonEZ STAK Director of Business Development

Paul Lawrenson

Director of Business Development

Laurie Gregoire EZ STAK HR Manager

Laurie Gregoire

HR Manager

Ashlie Morton EZ STAK Marketing Manager

Ashlie Morton

Marketing Manager

Bradley Grant

Accounting Manager

Calvin Lawrenson EZ STAK Business Development Coordinator

Calvin Lawrenson

Business Development Coordinator

Dilon Perkins EZ STAK Dealer Sales Representative

Dillon Perkins

Dealer Sales Representative

Aashish Gupta

Commercial Team Manager

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