Add accessories to your mobile workspace - EZ STAK LLC


At EZ STAK, we offer a library fill of accessories to ensure your mobile workspace is complete. Whether you need rubber matting for your aluminum shelves and drawers to reduce noise, powder coating to match you vehicle exterior, or extra dividers to keep your tools organized, we have the solution for you. Check out our line of accessories below.

Rubber Matting
Line all shelves with rubber matting to minimize sliding and noise
Egg Carton
Egg Carton dividers keep smaller parts segmented
Locking Mechanism
Locking mechanism provides added security to each drawer

Adjustable Shelving
Customize the height of your shelves by adding the uni-strut adjustable shelving option
Perforated Doors
Perforated doors allows for better ventilation and improves dry times for its contents

Extra adjustable dividers for your shelving and drawer needs

Coat Rod
Add on a coat rod to hang articles of clothing

Large Hooks
Optionally include larger hooks for jackets or equipment, such as power cords
Piano Hinge
Heavy duty piano hinge for accurate door alignment, can be mounted on left or right
Underslung Drawers
Drawers can be mounted underneath the counter top for additional storage

End Panels
To support free-standing workbench top