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Optimize Your Pickup Bed With The EZ STAK Meter Tray

If you are looking to optimize your pickup truck bed with a meter tray to keep them safe and separated from your tools, the EZ STAK Meter Tray is for you. This unique drawer optimizes the dead space in your pickup bed while providing easy access to your supplies while on the jobsite. The meter tray is tough and durable enough to store all your equipment and has many additional features sure to impress.

Keep your meters safe and organized

Service technicians carry around many supplies to get their job done. From tools to parts to fittings, it is difficult to keep everything safe and secure, which is why EZ STAK designed the Meter Tray. The drawer consists of three aluminum drawers to keep supplies organized, and a meter storage tray on top. No need to worry about meters getting damaged during transport, as they will fit perfectly in the pockets provided.

Easy access to tools while on the jobsite

When you are working on the jobsite, having easy access to your tools is key. That’s why the Meter Tray was designed with convenience in mind. As with all EZ STAK drawers, it is equipped with an EZ Latch with one-handed opening operation. Organized into three drawers, it can hold all the tools and equipment needed while out on the road. No need to reach far into your pickup bed to find a tool, the drawers have 100% extension slides for easy access to your supplies.

Tough and durable enough for all your equipment

EZ STAK drawers are built with high-grade aluminum making them tough enough to withstand the abuse of being opened and slammed shut each day. And because our drawers are made from aluminum, they have the strength to hold your supplies without weighing down your vehicle therefore improving payload. The Meter Tray is equipped with 500lb (closed) ball bearing slides for maximum weight capacity.

Additional features and options

There are many additional features and options of the Meter Tray which make it a top-quality drawer system. This drawer features a top rail around the box for storing additional cargo. Adjustable dividers assist you in keeping supplies organized in each drawer. Choose to add on standard key locks ensure your equipment stays safe and secure while out on the jobsite. Optional rubber matting keeps tools from sliding around during transport and minimizes noise. As with all EZ STAK products, the Meter Tray comes with limited lifetime warranty -we never compromise our standards for quality.

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