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Substation Work Crew Trailer

The Challenge

An energy company in Amarillo, Texas uses trailers as a worksite office space for their substation work crew. These trailers consisted of wood shelving installed by themselves, an outsource electrician and a heater contractor. There were a lot of moving parts and suppliers to manage and certify. This energy company wanted one supplier to completely optimize and install a 53-foot enclosed highway trailer to create an efficient workspace and delivered in only three months.

The Requirements

• In order to achieve the client’s delivery request, EZ STAK identified the customer’s critical requirements:

• One supplier to completely upfit the trailer with flooring, insulation, electrical, power, interior cabinets and exterior drawers.

• Trailer had to be equipped with high-voltage shore power converted to low-voltage use of electrical outlets with USB charging ports, air conditioning and heating.

• A cargo space so crew workers could come in to take a break and a separate office space for supervisors to layout maps or work on their laptops.

• Microwaves and mini fridges for the crew to heat up lunches.

• Lockers and closets to hang-up clothing and personal equipment.

• Optimize the layout of shelving and cabinets so equipment is easily accessible.

• Increase payload by removing wood components.

The Solution

With the requirements in mind, EZ STAK’s sales engineers went to the drawing board and designed an optimized mobile workspace for the 53-foot trailer. The designer created a 30-foot enclosed office space which consisted of an L-shaped workbench with overhead cabinets and a whiteboard, bench seating with electrical outlets and storage, six lockers with perforations so equipment and clothing can dry quicker, two microwaves and bar fridges so the crew can easily heat up lunches.

The 23-foot cargo space at the rear of the trailer consisted of three aluminum closet storage, two shelving units with underslung drawers, a locker, and a smaller workbench with two overhead cabinets. This cargo space allows the crew to store all their tools and smaller equipment in an efficient and organized manner.

Since the crew works outside, EZ STAK designed six water-resistant underbody drawers on the outside of the passenger side of the trailer. This is a great solution so the crew can access all their tools from the outside, without climbing in and out of the trailer.

The Result

With the creative minds of our design team and state-of-the-art software, our client was able to envision the trailer specifications with a 3D rendering for all components. EZ STAK provided a holistic solution with the trust that all components ensure health and safety standards, ESA certified, an optimized flow of workspace, and a 60% weight reduction by using .100 aluminum for all interior cabinets. This client now has only one supplier to for any warranty or questions for the trailer, saving time and money.  The client was overjoyed with EZ STAK’s configurable cabinet offerings and the free-flowing and ergonomic layout.  Complete with HVAC, lighting, electrical and shore power, this substation work crew trailer has everything the work crew needs to get the job done.

EZ STAK has been in business since 1998 delivering configurable fleet solutions for any vehicle.

EZ STAK, an industry leader of optimizing mobile workspaces for trailers, vans, work trucks, and service bodies in the utility, construction, oil & gas, and communication industries.  Whether you are looking for a full electrical installation, interior cabinets, or a custom storage solution, our design team will work with you to ensure your vehicle upfit is specific to your needs.

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