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Finding time to get the job done efficiently is a never-ending battle. History has been inundated with cookie-cutter solutions to problems that are not “one size fits all”. As the world continues to enhance, so do the specific needs of your day-to-day work tasks.

The need for unique designs is becoming more prevalent in all aspects of life and business. Consider your cell phone, once a small screened device used for making phone calls is now a multi-faceted mini computer ready to follow your every demand.

The key to success lies in the ability to make your work day as efficient as possible. To ensure your next vehicle upfit is ready for the job, consider the following:

1. What are your Current Challenges?

What are the challenges you are facing with your fleet? Be sure to obtain feedback from your end users, drivers and field technicians. Whatever challenges the team is facing, make a list of improvements you would like include in your “ideal” mobile workspace. Some challenges to think about:

  • Experiencing heavy payload with your vehicles?
  • Can’t find your tools and equipment easily?
  • Unable to store your uniforms and safety equipment?
  • Cabinets/drawers opening during travel?
  • Shelving/closets sagging or bending due to weight of equipment?

2. Is your upfit partner known in your industry? 

There are many manufacturers and upfitters to choose from, so how do you select the right one? Based on the challenges you listed above, research and select your top three potential partners for further consideration. Before moving forward ask yourself:

  • Are they familiar within your industry?
  • Will they work with you through your specifications, design, and budget?
  • Will they point to a catalog and say pick one?
  • Or will they take the time to listen to your wants & needs to provide a configurable solution?

If you uncover that the potential upfitters you chose are not a good fit, go back to the drawing board. Find a partner that will work one-on-one with you to develop a configurable storage solution that suits how your team works in the field – nothing less.

3. Configuration is Key

What’s important to remember is that no two fleets are exactly alike and each vehicle is suppose to fit the end-users day-to-day job.  Configuring a design that is based on the work-flow of your end users will make a big difference in terms of efficiency and productivity. To properly configure your layout consider the following:

  • Is your end-user in and out of the vehicle all day?
  • Do they need to grab equipment from the rear or side doors of the vehicle?
  • What equipment do they need to store and access most?
  • Can they quickly and easily find equipment and tools?

You may have one, or a multitude of challenges that can be solved through a custom-designed interior workspace. From size, to layout, to special features – configuration is key and there are partners out there who will deliver the right solution for your fleet.  

EZ STAK has been in business since 1998 delivering configurable fleet solutions for any vehicle.

EZ STAK provides aluminum interiors and turnkey solutions for any vehicle in the utility, construction, oil & gas, and communication industries.  Whether you are looking for a full electrical installation, interior cabinets, or a custom service body drawer, our design team will work with you to make sure your needs are being addressed down to every inch and dollar.

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