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With the constant increasing cost of running a fleet, finding ways to cut these costs is a priority for fleet managers. The following three strategies explain how to reduce major expenses and help fleets to become more profitable.

Encourage Fuel-Efficient and Safer Driving

Fuel costs are known to be one of the main expenses for fleets and the best way to reduce these costs is to develop a company policy handbook. The purpose of a company policy is to make employees aware of their expectations when driving a company-owned vehicle and to encourage safer, more fuel-efficient driving. The handbook should include a list of all the rules and responsibilities of drivers, consequences if drivers fail to comply, and an agreement form which all drivers must agree to and sign. To ensure the driver policy is a success, fleet managers are responsible to ensure every driver understands and agrees with the expectations. Having a company policy handbook will reduce liabilities, decrease your insurance rates and encourage more fuel-efficient driving in order to cut fleet costs.

Implement a Preventive Maintenance Program

Unexpected vehicle downtime can be very costly for fleets which is why frequent checkups and maintenance is required. It has been proven that scheduled servicing leads to a more reliable fleet, reduction in unexpected breakdowns, extended lifespan of the vehicles, and increased resale value. To develop the program, start by creating a checklist of maintenance tasks such as checking tire pressure, brakes, steering, and wipers. The next step is to determine how often you should perform checkups. It is recommended to perform a service checkup on your vehicle every three months, or 6000 miles, whichever occurs first. However, it is important that you decide this based on your fleet’s requirements. Implementing a preventative maintenance program in your fleet will help you avoid unscheduled repairs and downtime and is a great strategy for preventing unnecessary costs in your fleet.

Spec’ing Fleet with Cost Reduction in Mind

There are many ways to spec your vehicles to save money both during the process and in the long run. When selecting your chassis frame, choose one that is tough enough to support whatever you carry in your vehicle, but light enough that it doesn’t result in unnecessary fuel costs. Another way to save money when spec’ing is to choose your interior storage cabinets and shelving wisely to accommodate your heavy equipment. Many fleets use wood shelving since it is a cost-effective option however, wood is heavy and does not last as long as other materials. Fleet departments have been moving towards aluminum interiors as it lightweight and and is just as durable. It is important when spec’ing your truck that you do so in the most cost-efficient way to save money both in the present and in the future.

Each of these strategies will contribute to cutting major fleet costs helping to increase productivity and improve your company’s bottom line.

EZ STAK has been in business since 1998 delivering configurable fleet solutions for any vehicle.

EZ STAK is a manufacturer of aluminum interiors and turnkey solutions for any vehicle in the utility, construction, oil & gas, and communication industries.  Whether you are looking for a full electrical installation, interior cabinets, or a custom storage solution, our design team will work with you to ensure your vehicle upfit is specific to your needs.

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