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A Mobile Office and Tool Storage Trailer

EZ STAK has completed yet another mobile workspace project for one of their valued customers, a large utility company in Missouri. The customer needed a fleet of twenty 20' trailers to store their tools and heavy equipemnt and transfer directly to the job site.

The Problem:

Before approaching EZ STAK, the large utility company was using a similar size trailer but with wood shelving. Although wood is often the cheaper option for shelving, the client found that it was very heavy and greatly decreased the payload of their trailer. As well, wood shelving takes up much more space than aluminum, creating less storage space. Right away, the client knew EZ STAK aluminum interiors would be the perfect solution to their problem.


Our team got to work to design, build, install and ship 20 trailers in just five months. With our improved manufacturing facility and state-of-the-art machinery, we were able to meet the short lead time of this client.


The Solution:

The 20’ trailer is split into two sections separated by a sliding door – the front is an office area, and the back has shelving and cabinets to store tools and heavy equipment. The 7-kilowatt onboard generator powers air conditioner and lighting in the trailer. The fully insulated trailer features a rear ramp which can be used to easily move tools and equipment and a side door which leads to the office space.


The office area includes a desk space as well as drawers and overhead units for supplies. The shelving and cabinets are manufactured from aluminum which is lightweight and durable enough to stand up to daily use. There are two bench seats in the office area for crew members to sit while taking a break. Under one of the bench seats is a fuel tank for heating and battery storage. The trailer has 8000-pound tandem axles and a heavy-duty tongue.


“EZ STAK has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing mobile workspace solutions”, says Paul Lawrenson, Director of Business Development, “and we like to use the know-how to make our customers’ lives easier. We have got exceptional feedback on this trailer which inspires us to do better. Our team keeps going back to the drawing board until we arrive at a solution for our customer which is what keeps us going.”


EZ STAK has been in business since 1998 delivering configurable fleet solutions for any vehicle.

EZ STAK provides aluminum interiors and turnkey solutions for any vehicle in the utility, construction, oil & gas, and communication industries.  Whether you are looking for a full electrical installation, interior cabinets, or a custom storage solution, our design team will work with you to make sure your needs are being addressed down to every inch and dollar.

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