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EZ STAK and Wellness Systems, Inc. launch Charlie Station — a medical-grade portable unit that can be adapted to a variety of uses.

Mobile COVID-19 testing and vaccination stations ready for deployment

Los Angeles, California — [February 17, 2021] — As the war against COVID-19 rages on, EZ STAK and Wellness Systems, Inc. today announced the launch of what is believed to be the pandemic’s first mobile testing and vaccination station. Designed for rapid and secure deployment, the U.S.-built Charlie Station can also be modified for non-COVID uses and is eligible for FEMA funding.


“Nobody’s really designed anything like Charlie Station,” says Wellness Systems CFO Gian Starita. “It’s very unique. People are trying to adapt other equipment to fit the role of testing and vaccination, but Charlie Station is actually designed for this.”


The compact unit has a steel chassis and can be opened to provide two socially distant testing or vaccination stations. It also comes fully equipped with stainless steel, medical-grade countertop and robust aluminum cabinetry on the inside and outside that can be easily closed with one hand and securely locked. Plus, there are plugs for laptops, printers, medical equipment, and an optional fridge that are all powered by a 110-volt shore power supply or a 12-volt battery that provides up to 10 hours of electricity.


“It has an amazing LED lighting system on the inside” says EZ STAK VP of Sales Shane Lawrenson. “And it’s built for inclement weather. You can lock the whole thing down and leave it out in the heat of California or in the freezing cold and snow of the northeast. It’s robust. It’s not going to degrade.”


While Charlie Station has been designed for testing and vaccination, it can be easily adapted to a wide variety of other functions as well. After a natural disaster, for example, it could be used in the field to deliver critical relief supplies. Or in a city with a large homeless population, it could be deployed to offer mobile medical care.    


The other piece of good news is that Charlie Station is eligible for FEMA funding in some jurisdictions. At the end of January, FEMA announced that it was earmarking nearly $1 billion to support the vaccination effort in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Funding to other jurisdictions could follow.


“It’s been a real symbiotic process working with EZ STAK on this,” says Starita. “Not just because they have such a strong manufacturing capability, but they’re a joy to work with and they see the vision here. Charlie Station is going to help a lot of people during and after the pandemic, so we can’t wait to get it out there.”


Lawrenson agrees. “We want to reach all 50 states with this, and we wouldn’t be able to do that without the experience Wellness Systems brings to the table. I’m so proud of how we came together to design, build and now deliver Charlie Station to those who need it.”      


The Charlie Station Is The New Base Camp For All On-Set Health And Safety Staff And Initiatives.

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For over 30 years, Ray Claridge has supported film and TV production needs through his many companies, such as Cinema Vehicle Services and Hollywood Parts. In 2020, he tapped medical and production professionals to join him in forming Wellness Systems, Inc. in response to COVID-19.