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Enclosed utility trailers have come a long way from their origins. Initially designed for carrying cargo in a manner that would shield it from nature’s elements, the world of enclosed trailers has seen an explosion in use cases. Whether it is energy, utilities, oil and gas, construction or infrastructure, or even municipalities, today, multiple sectors rely on enclosed utility trailers for a variety of reasons. From hauling cargo and transporting heavy machinery, to store materials, or setting up mobile offices, versatility and convenience are the very features that make enclosed trailers a high return investment across industries. 

However, with a myriad design, pricing, and condition options to choose from, the process of buying enclosed trailers could be a bit overwhelming. Add to that the fact that there are hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of dealers supporting and selling enclosed trailers to North American businesses. Whether you are looking to buy an enclosed trailer, or are simply browsing for future needs, we are here to help. 

EZ STAK is an industry leader in the production of custom enclosed turnkey trailers. With decades of experience in design-build-deliver of 12’ to 53’ trailers to multi-industry clients, we understand the requirements and challenges often faced by fleet engineers, fleet managers, or specification writers. Whether it is the materials, technical features, functionalities, or any other aspect of the utility trailer, we offer end-to-end customizations and work with you one-on-one until we find the right solution for your needs. Read on for some broad guidelines on buying an enclosed trailer.

Top Considerations for Buying Enclosed Utility Trailers

An enclosed utility trailer is an attachable trailer that features a complete enclosure. These trailers are an ideal solution for protecting cargo while hauling, due to their naturally protective design. Their supporting walls and roof not only ensure the safety of items during transportation, but they are also capable of completely adapting to their owners’ and operators’ needs. Here are some of the aspects to consider in your trailer buying to-do list.

What is the planned or potential use for the trailer?

One of the most important aspects of buying an enclosed trailer is deciding what it will be used for. The trailer’s future applications will determine the size and customizations of the unit(s) you need. A good example would be deciding between trailer types for a portable office versus storing materials. Using the trailer for materials storage would likely need minimal customization versus a mobile office. For the latter, you would be looking at electrical configurations, such as outlets or air conditioning, as well as other workspace elements, such as lockers, closets, drawers, workbenches, shelving, and bin units.

What type of trailer construction will you need?

There are two major types of construction materials for enclosed trailers – steel and aluminum. Although less expensive, steel is heavier than aluminum, less stain-resistant, harder to maintain, and has a lower average lifetime for a trailer. Aluminum is lighter and usually stronger than steel when constructed well. It has the added benefit of greater rust resistance, lower maintenance costs, and a longer lifespan.

For the interiors, your options are traditionally wood and aluminum construction. Wood is heavier than aluminum, although, like steel, it is less expensive. Aluminum is stronger, more flexible for construction applications, easier to maintain, and is much lighter, upwards of 40% lighter.

EZ STAK is an industry leader in heavy-gauge aluminum construction for cabinets and storage containers inside enclosed trailers, while also offering dozens of custom additions and modifications. Check out our efficient and user-friendly build your own trailer options for comprehensive customizations.

Which axels and suspension would better suit your needs?

Choosing the type and quantity of axels when buying your enclosed trailer depends on what you are willing to spend, the height of the items you plan on putting inside, and what terrain you will traverse. While tandem (dual) axel trailers will generally be more expensive than single axel ones, the multiple axels also offer greater stability to carry heavier loads.

There are two major axle designs – leaf springs, and torsion axles. Leaf springs use metal springs, which are larger and heavier, while torsion axles use lighter rubber springs. For lighter loads or smaller trips, torsion axles are better as they are lightweight and less expensive to build. Larger loads or tougher driving terrain would benefit from the sturdier construction of leaf spring axles.

What trailer size do you need?

The basis of all purchases is the sizing of the enclosed trailers. The most common widths are five, six, seven, and eight and a half feet, with trailer lengths resting between eight and thirty-two feet. To provide some perspective, a custom vaccine administration station would likely be eight and a half feet wide and twenty to thirty feet long. On the other hand, for a one-person portable site office, you may not need anything more than six to eight feet in width and length.

What about trailer weight and towing capacity?

Every trailer can haul a maximum amount of weight, determined by its size and construction, including the frame, axels, tires, and springs. Refer to the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which indicates the weight of the trailer plus the maximum load that it can carry.  If you already own the vehicle that you will use with the utility trailer, it is important to purchase an enclosed cargo trailer that is in line with the towing capacity of your vehicle.

Expert Tip: Maximize your investment by considering current needs, as well as foreseeing the potential needs of your business. An experienced and knowledgeable trailer manufacturer, such as EZ STAK can help your draw up the right specification and size for your enclosed trailer requirements.

Does your enclosed utility trailer need upgrades?

Due to their completely surrounded interiors, enclosed trailers are incredibly efficient for traveling in any weather or scenario. However, even with the built-in protection barriers to exterior elements, travel distances or terrains may determine the customizations or upgrades for your enclosed utility trailer. For driving locally or moving a project between nearby areas, there is not too much required. However, if your business entails traveling long distances, or through tough terrain, then your enclosed trailer may need certain upgrades. These would be anything from a taillight or a spare tire, to additional axles for stability. Even minor upgrades would make a huge difference to the overall form, function, performance, and longevity of your enclosed utility trailers.

What is the ideal budget for enclosed utility trailers?

The ideal budget for your enclosed utility trailer can vary greatly, depending on the size, capacity, and intended use of the trailer. From the lighting and shore power to electric awnings and interior cabinets, the numbers may add up quickly. With such a broad price range for enclosed cargo trailers, it may be challenging to define an ‘ideal budget’. It will all come down to your specifications, the use of your trailer, and the must-have customizations .

Our sales engineers have years of experience working with industry professionals. This has helped us to ask the right questions to gather information for the trailer layout and determine an estimated cost. We ask questions such as: What equipment will you be storing in the trailer? What tasks will you be performing inside and outside the trailer? What are your power requirements? These questions help us provide an optimized solution that suits your specific needs and is within your budget.

Click here to see the quote forms for all our products, including enclosed trailers. 

How to select a utility trailer manufacturer or dealer?

When buying an enclosed trailer, it is of the utmost importance that you purchase from a reputable dealer. The last thing you want is a trailer that falls apart during travel, placing your staff or goods in danger, and ultimately leading to costly repairs or replacement. For something that provides all the function and features, is safe and long-lasting, and flexible for the future, look for reputed dealers who can customize a trailer to your requirements and stand by their products.

Choose EZ STAK for your Enclosed Utility Trailer Requirements

At EZ STAK, we are a leading manufacturer of custom enclosed trailers, and serve a wide range of industries and requirements. The contained design of enclosed trailers allows superior configurability and we offer an extensive range of custom modifications. Our design experts take the time to understand your requirements and challenges and help you maximize the space and interior organization. We completely upfit the trailer with paneling, flooring, insulation, electrical, as well as installation of the enclosed trailer cabinets. Once you choose between the 12- and 53-foot trailers, we develop a 3D concept of your trailer's design, put together all your custom requirements, and deliver the trailer to your worksite, to ensure you get WHAT you need WHERE you need it .

Working with multiple vendors on a trailer upfit can be difficult to manage, which is why EZ STAK is your one-source provider for turnkey trailers. From the initial design stage to the final installation, we will handle every component of the project. This convenience ensures the process is simple for the customer, and often results in saving money when working with one vendor. We ensure every step of the upfit is done with the utmost quality and is one of the many benefits of working with EZ STAK.

When you work with us, expect nothing less than world-class solutions and exceptional customer service. All our enclosed utility trailers and vehicle interior storage systems come with a lifetime warranty. We stand by the quality of our materials and superior craftsmanship.

COVID-19 Response Trailer Packages

The wide-sweeping influence that COVID-19 has had on the world is undeniable. Hospitals, clinics, and doctors' offices have been inundated with patients seeking treatment for the pathogens. The overtaxed healthcare system has spilled out of the established treatment facilities and has taken its mission to the streets — literally. Armed with fleets of enclosed response trailers, practitioners can tackle the pandemic without the limitations associated with fixed treatment sites. This flexibility not only allows them to venture to rural areas, but they can tend to patients in urban developments in an outdoor setting as well. Overall, this helps to lessen the odds of spreading the virus by minimizing the physical proximity between individuals.

At EZ STAK, in addition to serving the utility, construction, electrical, oil & gas, and public safety sectors, we cater to a wide range of municipalities throughout North America. In our effort to prevent the spread of the virus, we have developed a series of COVID-19 Response Trailer Packages to help our first responders in a number of areas and do our part in minimizing the spread. To learn more about these specialty enclosed trailers, we encourage you to visit our dedicated COVID-19 webpage for a video walkthrough of one of our response trailers.

What will your new enclosed trailer help you accomplish? How would you configure it to maximize your ROI? Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members to find out more. Call us at 595-3300 or (613) 530-3419 or contact us online. You could also request a quote for your enclosed trailer from EZ STAK today.

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