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6 Benefits of Enclosed Utility Trailers

Enclosed trailers are ideal for hauling supplies and tools to a job site or setting up a mobile office for day-to-day utility tasks or larger projects. These highly versatile units make working on a job site or moving between them much less complicated then loading up the back of a pickup or van. Having an enclosed trailer in your fleet is the most organized, secure, and cost-effective solution.

Top Reasons to Choose an Enclosed Utility or Cargo Trailer

With all the vehicle choices available, why should an upfitted enclosed cargo trailer be at the top of the list? Here are six reasons to consider:

  1. Multipurpose uses: One of the main benefits of having an enclosed trailer in your fleet is the flexibility of using it for multipurpose. For example, you can use the trailer as a mobile office space when working at remote job sites and use the same trailer for company events.
  2. Cost savings: Owning a trailer in your fleet can save you costs because of its one-time vehicle registration, less maintenance costs, and a longer lifecycle than vans and pickup trucks.
  3. Flexible design: EZ STAK will listen to your needs to design a trailer that meets your exact specifications. The simple design of enclosed trailers allows for a very flexible design, as opposed to a cargo van which has contoured walls or a pickup truck with wheel wells, restricting storage space.
  4. Safe transportation: Store your tools and equipment inside EZ STAK cabinetry to keep them intact during transportation. For an additional benefit, we can install rubber matting to avoid rattling while driving.
  5. Protection from weather: With most utility job sites being outdoors, it is important you have a space to keep your crew and equipment protected from the weather. Enclosed trailers are a great solution for this being weather sealed and installed with HVAC for a climate-controlled work environment.
  6. Security of tools: When working at a job site for multiple days, you can lock up the trailer each night and have peace of mind that your belongings are kept safe and secure.

Make EZ STAK Your Source for Enclosed Trailers

We listen and understand your current job process and along with any frustrations, to create a design for your optimized mobile workspace.  We completely upfit the trailer with paneling, flooring, electrical, and install EZ STAK cabinets.


Founded in 1998, EZ STAK is an industry leader and manufacturer of vehicle interior storage systems for service utility work trucks, trailers, and vans. Its durable, secure and lightweight aluminum storage drawers, cabinets, shelving, and hardware create organized, efficient and secure mobile work environments. EZ STAK’s fleet vehicle upfitting products are used extensively by municipalities as well as large corporations in the utility, telecom, cable, oil and gas, and construction industries. Please visit www.ezstak.com to learn how EZ STAK can help optimize your mobile workspace.