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How to Use Your Trailer for Multipurpose

One of the top reasons why utilities across the country invest in enclosed trailers for their fleet is that they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Instead of having separate vehicles for tool storage, mobile office/training, and emergency response, you can have one trailer that accommodates all those needs. This results in significant cost savings, takes up less room at your facility and reduces planned vehicle downtime.

4 Different Ways to Use Your Trailer

At EZ STAK, we design our trailers so that they can be used for multipurpose. With over 20 years working with utility professionals, we have been able to understand how they use the trailer to get the job done, and how it can be easily transformed to use for another reason.

Here are 4 different ways you can use your trailer:

  1. Tool Storage: Simply haul the trailer to the work site and have easy access to all your equipment needed to get the job done. Designed with shelving, cabinets, and drawers, you can keep everything organized from harnesses to hammers and safety vests.
  2. Mobile Office: When working remotely, mobile office trailers are ideal for supervisory staff. Equipped with desk space, meeting areas and whiteboards, we can assure you have everything needed to get laptop or paperwork done while away from the office.
  3. Emergency Response: From emergency gas leaks to storms and natural disasters, enclosed trailers are the perfect solution for your emergency response needs. We generally equip these types of trailers with generator power, scene lighting and plenty of storage for supplies.
  4. Mobile Training: Perfect for training crew members off-site, our mobile training trailers can include cabinets for storing tools and equipment, a boiler system, furnace, heat pump, hot water tank and gas fireplace.

Choose EZ STAK for Your Enclosed Trailer Needs

EZ STAK will work with you to consult, design, and deliver an optimized mobile workspace. We start by understanding your pain points and develop a concept tailored to your specifications. We then present a 3D design that maximizes space and drives organization. Once approved, we turn the design into a reality by completely upfitting the enclosed utility trailer with paneling, flooring, electrical, and cabinets. We then arrange delivery directly to your location.

Give us a call today to get started on your next trailer upfit: 315.595.3300