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Put Your Enclosed Utility Trailer to Work

Enclosed trailers are an important part of utility fleets across America. They are often taken to job sites and used as a mobile office, and to store and haul heavy equipment, tools, and utility clothing/gear. However, many companies do not use enclosed utility trailers to their fullest potential. For example, heavy wood shelving is commonly used, which decreases payload and deteriorates quickly. Some companies simply have empty trailers in their fleet, which are difficult to keep organized and do not provide a comfortable mobile workspace for crew members.

At EZ STAK, we optimize your enclosed trailer by designing a layout that will improve organization of your equipment and increase efficiency of your crew.

8 Options to Maximize Your Utility Trailer

Make the most of your enclosed utility trailer by considering the options to help you get the job done. Instead of working with multiple vendors to upfit your trailer, consider working with EZ STAK’s experienced team to transform your enclosed trailer, from the initial design to final delivery.

Here are some easy ways we can upfit your utility trailer for greater functionality and enhance the efficiency of your crews:

  1. Shelving: Designed with adjustable dividers every 10 inches, you can store a variety of equipment and tools on our shelving. For example, you could arrange the dividers close together to store hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches, or easily remove them if you decide to store larger equipment such as clamps and cables.
  2. Drawers: Choose from side-to-side, front-to-back, or egg crate dividers to easily sort and organize smaller parts inside drawers. Designed with our EZ Latch, drawers can be opened with one-hand – a convenient feature for busy crew members.
  3. Closets: Designed with hooks, closets are ideal for storing safety vests, harnesses, and jackets. Boots can be placed at the bottom and hardhats on the top shelf.
  4. Countertop: Choose from aluminum or butcher block. Countertops can be used for an office desk, or a work bench. We can even install a bench vise on the countertop.
  5. Bench with Storage: Not only used as a place for crew members to take a seat, but bench units can also be used as a storage space with a hinged lid. This makes a great space for the fuel tank, battery/charger, and other equipment to store out-of-sight.
  6. Exterior Storage: With most utility tasks taking place outside, exterior storage comes in handy so your crew doesn’t have to make multiple trips inside the trailer to find tools.
  7. Generator/Shore Power: Install a generator or shore power in your trailer so that you can have electricity wherever your job takes you. Whether you need it to power drills or charge laptops and phones, we have the solution for you.
  8. Interior/Exterior Lighting: When using utility equipment, it is critical you have proper lighting to keep your crew safe. Exterior scene lights and flashers can be installed if your trailer is often parked on the side of the road.

Choose EZ STAK as Your Upfit Partner

EZ STAK will work with you to consult, design, and deliver an optimized mobile workspace. We start by understanding your pain points and develop a concept tailored to your specifications. We then present a 3D design that maximizes space and drives organization. Once approved, we turn the design into a reality by completely upfitting the enclosed utility trailer with paneling, flooring, electrical, and cabinets. We then arrange delivery directly to your location.

Give us a call today to get started on your next trailer upfit: 315.595.3300