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EZ STAK delivers a work-ready 22′ Enclosed trailer

EZ STAK DELIVERS A WORK-READY 22′ ENCLOSED TRAILER When the power goes out, utility crews have to get onsite fast and get to work faster. That’s why many of them use trailers as mobile worksite offices and tool rooms. One large electric utility company in the northwest frequently uses trailers in the field, and they

EZ STAK’s redesigned Truck Box hits the road

EZ STAK’s redesigned Truck Box hits the road Lightweight and affordable, the heavy-duty storage cabinet fits in pickup trucks, cargo vans, and SUVs Watertown, New York — August 4, 2021 — EZ STAK today introduced a new Truck Box featuring lightweight aluminum construction, a slam lock, and four sizes designed to optimize storage in your

EZ STAK Introduces EZ Folding Shelf for Delivery Vehicles

EZ STAK INTRODUCES EZ FOLDING SHELF FOR DELIVERY VEHICLES Robust two-shelf unit is easy to install and comes in 20 different sizes Watertown, New York — [July 19, 2021] — EZ STAK today introduced an all-new folding shelving unit, bringing a rugged design, a lifetime warranty, and easy installation to a booming delivery industry.  

Optimize Your Delivery Van with the EZ Folding Shelf

Optimize Your Delivery Van with the EZ Folding Shelf EZ STAK recently launched a new product – the EZ Folding Shelf. It’s lightweight and durable design is ideal for delivery fleets who use shelving frequently in their day-to-day work. AVAILABLE IN 20 SIZES: All fleets have different objectives which is why we designed the EZ

How to Use Your Trailer for Multipurpose

How to Use Your Trailer for Multipurpose One of the top reasons why utilities across the country invest in enclosed trailers for their fleet is that they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Instead of having separate vehicles for tool storage, mobile office/training, and emergency response, you can have one trailer that

Put Your Enclosed Utility Trailer to Work

Put Your Enclosed Utility Trailer to Work Enclosed trailers are an important part of utility fleets across America. They are often taken to job sites and used as a mobile office, and to store and haul heavy equipment, tools, and utility clothing/gear. However, many companies do not use enclosed utility trailers to their fullest potential.

6 Benefits of Enclosed Utility Trailers

6 Benefits of Enclosed Utility Trailers Enclosed trailers are ideal for hauling supplies and tools to a job site or setting up a mobile office for day-to-day utility tasks or larger projects. These highly versatile units make working on a job site or moving between them much less complicated then loading up the back of

Roadmap for Buying an Enclosed Trailer

BUYING AN ENCLOSED TRAILER? HERE'S YOUR ROADMAP TO SUCCESSFULLY NAVIGATE THE PROCESS Enclosed utility trailers have come a long way from their origins. Initially designed for carrying cargo in a manner that would shield it from nature’s elements, the world of enclosed trailers has seen an explosion in use cases. Whether it is energy, utilities,

EZ STAK is Open for Business

MEMO Re: EZ STAK is open for business   Dear Valued Customers, We are happy to share, EZ STAK is open for business and we will resume regular business hours. Public health has reviewed our facility and it is safe for employees to return back to work. EZ STAK has been diligent on all COVID-19

EZ STAK Update Regarding COVID-19

MEMO Re: Temporary business closure Dear Customers, With regret, there has been a recent exposure of COVID-19 at the EZ STAK and OPS Public Safety manufacturing facility. It has been mandated by public health to temporarily close the business and have all staff members tested and isolate, until further notice. All office staff will be working